5 Web Design Terms You Need to Know

Web Design terms

Here are 5 web design terms you need to know if you are a web design beginner. These words set the foundation for everything you’ll learn about web design. Understanding these terms will help you get your website noticed and visited.

1. Banner — An Advertisement

A Banner is a form of advertising. You’ll notice them as the advertisement rectangles at the top or on the side of a website page. They are pretty common. If you are running a business and want web traffic to your site it is important to know what these are. Therefore, you can create advertisement banners to draw attention to what you are selling, and bring people to your site.

2. HTML/CSS — Basic Coding Languages

HTML and CSS are two important web design terms. They are coding languages used for creating a website. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheet. These makeup the foundation of web development, and they are the simplest languages to learn. HTML is the language that structures the website and CSS styles the website. Both of these languages are called front-end languages; since front-end languages deal with the look of the website.

3. Hyperlink — Words You Can Click

Hyperlinks (or just “links”) are the words that are underlined, or that are in blue, that lead to other websites. There are two different types of links. There are internal links, which connect two pages on the same website, and external links that connect two pages from different websites. For SEO (which is explained below) these links are important to generate website traffic.

4. CMS — Content Management System

CMS is short for Content Management System. Just as it sounds, it manages the content for your website. One well-known CMS website is WordPress. CMS allows multiple people to edit websites, with a variety of tools to help. As a result, this allows users to create websites quickly, without needing to do a lot of coding.

5. SEO — Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Seach Engine Optimization determines how websites rank in search engines such as Google. Every website’s goal is to be the first rank on a search engine. There are a couple ways to improve SEO. For example, the more keywords and links your website has, the higher your site will rank.


There are plenty of web design terms to learn before you start making your own site, but these are the basics. Therefore, you absolutely need to know these before attempting to tackle anything larger.