3 Useful Website Design Tips

web design tips

3 useful website design tips that you should know when creating a website. The key reason for having a website is to get people to visit it. If your website can do that, great. The next step is to keep them there. This can be more difficult. People browse around all the time, without staying on sites for very long. One main reason people leave websites: they aren’t simple enough. So here are 3 useful website design tips for usability.


Include White Space on Pages

Use white space to declutter your pages. Empty space between paragraphs, pictures, and other items on a website is important for visitors. It is important because it shows the relationship of the items on your site. For example, if there is a sidebar with products on it, don’t put them close to each other. Because visitors might think the products are related, or part of a packaged deal. If you space them out this is less likely to happen.


Use the Color Blue for Links

If your brand doesn’t have a color yet, try out blue. This tip might sound strange, but there’s a reason people prefer blue. The color blue is associated with trustworthiness and dependability. And even if your brand already has a color scheme, you should still keep the links blue anyway. People already associate website links with that color, so why change it and confuse them? If you do what is expected your website will be easier to use.


Limit Scrolling on the Website

A study was done on web usability that discovered 77% of visitors do not scroll through a website. They only read or scan the content that is visible without scrolling. This doesn’t mean you have to cram all of your content onto the home page of your website. Instead, what you should do is state the name of the website, get across why your website is valuable, and include relevant information that the visitor can click to navigate.   


When it comes to website design, simplicity is key. If you keep these useful website design tips in mind while creating a website, you’re guaranteed to have better success.