What to Know About Hacking


black hat hacking

Hacking has a really bad reputation. When you hear the term, you think of criminals typing on a computer late at night, out to steal everyone’s credit card information. That does happen, however, there is more to it than criminal behavior. Some hackers have to learn intricate code for what they do; other code can be less complex. There are two types of hackers: black hat and white hat.

Bad vs Good Hacking

White hat is good hacking, while black hat is bad hacking. White hat is considered ethical, because those hackers find weak points in websites in order to make them safer for everyone. The other side of hacking is black hat, which finds weak spots and exploits them for their own gains. hackingThese two communities of hackers are constantly battling with each other. White hat hackers will patch up holes in websites and the black hat hackers will break them again. It’s never-ending. However, this battle does help security find flaws in their systems. So, even if you are a black hat hacker, you are still sort of helping security out!

Hacking isn’t too Hard

Hacking takes time to learn, but it isn’t too hard. You don’t need a computer science degree to do it. That might surprise people, but it really all comes down to knowing how to code. Once you learn to code, there are plenty of guides and tutorials that can help you learn how to hack. One main part of hacking is getting into password-protected WiFi– there’s now an app to do that. Essentially, just about anyone could learn how to hack if they’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn.


So whether you are interested in becoming a hacker or are one already, there is still plenty to learn on the Internet. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll inspired to be a white hat hacker, but that’s up to you to decide.