What is Parallax Scrolling?

parallax scrolling

What is parallax scrolling? That is a good question for anyone new to web design. Parallax scrolling happens when the background image moves slower than the content in the foreground of the website as you scroll down the page. It is simpler than it sounds. And, it is currently a popular trend in website design.

Why is Parallax Scrolling Popular?

Parallax scrolling is the latest trend in design. While it can look bad if not implemented correctly, it is usually nice. This scrolling technique has only been available since the latest HTML and CSS updates happened, which was a few years ago. Parallax scrolling creates a 3-D effect as you scroll down the page, which is what makes it appealing. The 3-D effects that are created by the parallax scroll are much simpler than trying to create a 3-D animation using a different software such as After Effects. Not only is it simpler, but also cheaper and quicker to make.

How to Use Parallax Scrolling

First and foremost, you should make it mobile friendly. Not many parallax sites are yet, but people are increasingly using mobile devices for Internet usage. Secondly, don’t use it just to use it. If it doesn’t engage users, there’s no point in having it. You should use it to tell a story, or create a timeline. Parallax sites are a great way to call people to action — as users scroll they become more enticed by what they see. Third, you should make it engaging. For example, you can add effects users can click to activate while scrolling.


The point of using parallax scrolling is to make your website more fun. While creating a parallax website can sometimes be overwhelming, it is generally worth it. But keep in mind that this trend isn’t for every website. For some inspiration, here are some websites with great parallax scrolling. Happy scrolling!