Our Favorite Web-Building Sites

wordpress - web-building sites

Here are our favorite web-building sites. With today’s technology, you don’t have to build websites completely from scratch. In fact, not very many people do that anymore. With CMS (content management system) software, creating a website is easier than it’s ever been. These web-building sites can help you get your business online.

WordPress – Best for Blogging

WordPress is our favorite content management system — which is why we use it. It is an open-source software, meaning anyone can add to it and change it. It is also free, although users can pay for extra benefits. If you want to know more about why we like WordPress check out this other blog of ours.

Wix – A Drag & Drop Builder

Wix is cloud-based, unlike the other sites on this list. This web development software allows users to create web and mobile sites through drag and drop tools. In fact, Wix is perfect for people who know nothing about coding. It’s free to use, but most users pay for additional benefits.

SquareSpace – An All-in-One Service

SquareSpace is a website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service all in one. The services SquareSpace provides are not available individually. SquareSpace is not free, but they do offer exceptional services. This platform is different from WordPress and Wix, as it allows you to manage an online store if you’re in e-commerce.

Magento – For E-Commerce Sites

Magento is an open-source content management system specifically for e-commerce. So unlike the other platforms, you wouldn’t use Magento simply to start a blog for yourself. It supports a web template system, and can set up a basic e-commerce site. Magento is used by many e-commerce businesses because it is easy to navigate.


These websites, along with many others, can make managing your online presence much easier. These four sites in particular are very user-friendly — you don’t even need to learn to code. They come with many different creation tools, forums, and feedback. So if you’re looking to get your name or brand on the web, these web-building sites are a good place to start.