Tips to Optimize your WordPress Site

wordpress site

Here are some tips to optimize your WordPress site. WordPress is a great platform to use if you’re thinking of building a website. This content management system makes it easy to edit and add information. If you have a WordPress site already, and want even better website performance, these tips might help you out with that.

1. Choose a good hosting plan

A hosting plan can make or break your WordPress site. Having a bad one can slow your website down a lot. The best hosting provider is WordPress’s WPEngine. However, if that’s too expensive check out this list of best WordPress hosting providers to make sure your website loads quickly.

2. Empty the trash bin

On WordPress, having excess blogs or pages that you’ve deleted or kept as drafts can slow your site down. Even when you “delete” things they’re not permanently deleted — to permanently delete them you must go to your trash system¬†and empty it. Posts you’ve saved as drafts, old revisions, and spam comments also take up unnecessary space. Go through these and permanently delete what you don’t want for a faster WordPress site.

3. Select a good WordPress theme

Some WordPress themes might have a better written code than others. These themes will make your website load faster. Premium theme shops like Themify usually have the fastest themes. Also, you want to make sure your theme can be viewed on desktops, mobile, and tablets. This is very important, as more people than ever are using their phones to go on the Internet. Designs that can adapt to any screen will provide users with a better experience on your WordPress site.

Some other tips we have include reducing the amount of plugins you use and keeping your site updated. With these tips in mind, hopefully you can optimize your WordPress site so it is the best it can be.