Why Blogging is Good for E-Commerce

blogging is good for e-commerce

Have you ever thought about why e-commerce stores have blogs? Well, it turns out, blogging is good for e-commerce businesses. When people write off blogging as unimportant, they’re doing a lot of damage to their site. Here are some reasons why blogging is good for e-commerce. So if you’re a new business, you should definitely start up a blog on your site.

1. Blogging gives you a voice

As a company, you need to separate yourself from the competition. You need to show people that you, your business, and your products are worth buying. By writing blogs, you’re giving your brand a voice. Along with that, you are also establishing trust with your customers. With a blog, visitors get to see a more personal side to the products.

2. Blogging generates traffic

The point of making a website is to have people visit that website. However, getting traffic to your site can be difficult. If you blog about different topics and products, people are more likely to find you. Blogging is a good way to get people to your store. It’s like adding on different rooms, doors, and windows to a building. The larger  it is, the more likely people will notice it. Google will certainly notice as well, which is beneficial for you.

3. Blogging is good for SEO

Having good SEO practices means that you will rank higher in search engines like Google. Blogging is great for SEO. It lets Google know your website is active. It also adds more keywords to your website — this heightens your chance of a higher ranking. Blogging for a long time does more for SEO than just the copy on a site page will.

Need we say more? Blogging doesn’t cost any money — just time. And although time is money, the exposure gained by blogging is worth it. And that is why blogging is good for e-commerce.