Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

wordpress mistakes

When you create a WordPress site, there are a few WordPress mistakes that you need to avoid. Some may be obvious, and some are less so. But overall, these mistakes prevent you from optimizing your website. You want to have the most secure, easy to use website as possible.

1. Not changing the admin username

When you create a WordPress site, they will give you a default username of “admin”. This is because you are the administrator of the site. However, you should change the name “admin” to your own name. The default username is very predictable to hackers, which is a vulnerability. To avoid your site getting hacked, changing your username will help.

2. Ignoring WordPress updates

Updates are good! They are made to make WordPress easier and quicker to use. They also can patch up security issues. If you never updated your WordPress site for as long as WordPress has been around, you’d be way behind. WordPress usually puts out a couple major updates a year.

3. Not creating a good mobile site

Mobile sites today are just as important as regular websites on the computer. This is because many people use mobile devices to browse the Internet. If you create a good looking WordPress website, but it isn’t responsive, that is bad. It’s actually one of the worst WordPress mistakes you can make. Be sure to use one of WordPress’s responsive themes to create a great website and mobile site. This way, you won’t make mobile visitors frustrated.

4. Not changing the permalink structure

Out of all the WordPress mistakes, this one is a little less obvious. The default permalink structure on WordPress is… not so great. A permalink is the URL of the page/post on your website. To change this, go to Settings>Permalinks and then click “post name”. This will ensure that the URL of your post will match with the title of your post. This is good for SEO, and better article rankings.

If you avoid these common WordPress mistakes, your website will be good to go.