3 Best Magento Extensions for E-Commerce Sites

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If you use Magento as a platform for your e-commerce website, that’s great. Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms around. But, like any great program, there are tips and tweaks available to make it better. Here are the three best Magento extensions that you can download to improve your site. These Magento extensions will make shopping online easier for your customers, and yourself.

1. Simple Google Shopping

Connecting your products on your e-commerce site to Google Shopping is incredibly beneficial. With the extension Simple Google Shopping, you can be sure that all of your products will show up on Google Shopping search results. For example, when people google, “blue shirt mens,” your product will pop up as on option to buy. Users can then click that product and be taken to your site. Being searchable on Google is one of the most important parts of having a website.

2. One Step Checkout

Cart abandonment rates can be a problem for some businesses. With a simpler checkout process, people are much more likely to continue what they started. One Step Checkout takes your checkout process from 4-6 steps, right down to 1. In addition to better checkout performance, this extension also is compatible for mobile phones. So you can be rest assured that your products can be purchased on any device.

3. Magento-WordPress Integration

Most people have heard of WordPress — it’s one of the most used website-building platforms. This extension lets you integrate WordPress and Magento together. This way you can blog, use WordPress’s Yoast SEO for better page content, and create an easy-to-use site. WordPress and Magento work well together to create the best e-commerce site possible.

With these three Magento extensions, you’ll be seeing more sales from your e-commerce website. They make your website easier to use, easier to find on search engines, and easier for you to control.