What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

social media SMO

You’ve probably heard of SEO — search engine optimization — which is incredibly important for website success. But have you heard of SMO — social media optimization? The two acronyms are often mixed up or lumped together. But SMO is just like the name suggests: It’s all about social media. SMO can help your website succeed, grow your brand, and increase sales (if you’re an e-commerce site). Here’s what you need to know about SMO.

Why Bother with SMO

Social media optimization is great for visibility. Social media accounts help you extend your business by connecting with other social media users. If people find you on Twitter, and are intested and in what you’re saying, they’ll most likely check out your website. Social media optimization helps with your branding and marketing. Optimizing your social media accounts is a process that will help you boost your website’s success.

How to Increase SMO

  • Engage with users who follow you. If followers, or other Twitter users, reply to a post or send you a message, be sure to respond to this in some way. Whether it is a reply back, a like, or a re-tweet, all of this is a good way to engage with users. It’s also a great way to build a fan base.
  • Post relevant content. Post things that people actually want to see. To do this, you’ll need to figure out who your target audience is, and the sort of things they like. If you aren’t attracting users with your posts, then they won’t visit your website.
  • Bring originality to your social media accounts. This is your chance to give your company a voice. Use this space to represent your website/business in the best way possible.

Today, SMO is just as important as SEO. Especially since Google takes into account social media profiles into their search engine results. Overall, social media is the best new way to market yourself.