Using Abstract Shapes in Web Design

abstract shapes on a web page

An unlikely trend has developed this January — using abstract shapes in web design. These squares, squiggly lines, and triangles are scattered on the home page design in a seemingly random fashion. But it kind of works. It is unique, and it draws readers’ eyes across the page. It holds attention. And we know how important it is to capture and keep visitors’ attention. So here we’ll give you a brief rundown on these abstract shapes and how to incorporate them on you own website.

Geometric Designs on Websites

Geometric designs and backgrounds have always been popular in web design. Websites are generally designed on a grid, so incorporating shapes into the grid seems to make perfect sense. Geometric backgrounds are also used in place of photos because they take less time to load. Geometric designs are perfect to make your site stand out, and they’re generally very nice looking as well.

Abstract Shapes in Web Design

However, these abstract shapes are a bit different from geometric design. These shapes are just thrown into a design, and are used to either move visitors’ eyes, or simply spice up a flat design. The shapes you choose can be anything you like. You can fill them in, or leave them as simple outlines. They can move around the page, or they can stay in one place. You can make them interactive. It’s really up to you to get creative with these abstract shapes. The possibilities vary, depending on the kinds of aesthetic you want for your page.

To include abstract shapes on your website’s design, you need to be a certain kind of company. They’re playful shapes — so they pair well with playful, creative companies. So if you or your business’s website is more serious, these shapes may not be for you.