How to Drive Up Your Conversion Rates

increase conversion rates through web design


As a web developer, seeing your site not produce in the way you anticipated is disappointing. There could be many issues that drive away traffic from your website and the user experience (UX) design may be the culprit. By following these design tips, you could rework your site to drive up your site’s conversion rates.


Easy Navigation

High traffic means nothing if your visitors are not making their way through your website. The road you want your audience to follow has to be clear, concise and easy to follow. If your checkout procedure is full of unnecessary requirements, the likelihood of the user completing the forms or returning is slim. Also, poor web design will make your users hesitant about including their personal information. So be sure to put the time into a design that is both professional and trustworthy.


Clear CTAs

CTA stands for call to action. This refers to your promotional pop ups that offer subscriptions, deals or services to your viewers. Whichever form you decide to introduce your CTAs in is unique to every website but, they must be noticeable. If the call-to-action is too subtle they might be ignored. Remember that your user should not have to scan around your webpage to, for example, subscribe to your newsletter.


Simplicity is Key

If you have a web design that is complicated, it will create a difficult user experience. This means that most users will not want to return. However, the simplicity of your website goes beyond the visual aspect. By keeping the copy simple, creating direct headlines and producing a data capture that is straightforward, you will create a great UX and drive up your conversion rates.


Keeping all of these tips in mind will not only prevent issues in the future, but will help you create a website that is both high in traffic and conversion rates from the start.