Shopify: Customer Delight Strategies

Customer Delight: The key for a lasting business

Customer Delight is About Giving Little Unexpected Extras

Customer Delight. Sounds like a silly term doesn’t it?

Let’s start with the basics. What is customer delight?

Customer delight happens when you surprise a customer (or client) by exceeding expectations. When expecations are met, you have customer satisfaction. When expecations are exceeded, you acheive customer delight.

How do you get there? By being human. Listen to your customer and their needs.

Why should you care? Sure, we’re inbound marketing pros, but there is something to be said about word-of-mouth marketing.

If a customer complains or is unhappy with your product or service, don’t be discouraged. If they cared enough to share their feedback, you have been given a great opportunity to better understand what is needed to truly delight your customer base.

How can you achieve customer satisfaction or customer delight?

How do you start? Start from what keeps you in the game. Your customers’ needs. So…

…Always Listen To Your Customers.

The Lean Startup preaches that entrepreneurs need to develop products and test them with real customers in order to build something useful. The same goes for serving your customers and understand their needs. Listen to customer feedback religiously. To this day, I still read every piece of customer feedback sent to our company and I make an effort to share those insights across the company to ensure we are continuously building the right products and features.

Gift Your Customers With Simple Things When They Don’t Expect It.

Uber and Lyft are continually locked in a heated battle for market share. Anyone that uses their services knows the number of unexpected rewards or credits they offer all the time.
They know that one way to a customer’s heart is showing them they care about them more than the bottom line. Therefore surprise your loyal and new customers with little gifts that won’t financially impact your business but will definitely positively impact your customers!

Give Them Some Space

How many times have you been continuously spammed by store or by a forum newsletter? This is really annoying! Isn’t it?
Even if your customer is interested in your products or services, good chances are that they will unsubscribe and get pissed off by your brand. All your campaign expenses and time spent in order to achieve a customer are now thrown out of the window because of your excessive marketing.
Even if you the best intentions in mind, remember that sometimes it’s best to step back and give customers space.

Time Should Be Your Asset

Amazon’s asset is timing and this turned it into a multi-billion dollar company. Now you can understand how important timing is.
In today’s business world, speed is essential. If your company delays in responding to customers, you’re missing a huge opportunity to capture valuable insights and feedback.