Start You Own Ecommerce Business With No Money

How to Start An Ecommerce Business Without Spending Any Money

Why some people start thinking about an ecommerce business?

They usually have a vision of selling that will allow them to escape from their 9 to 5 and pursue their true dream.

Despite being full of energy and enthusiastic they will never take action.
What is stopping these potetial ecommerce masters?

  • Not knowing what to sell.
  • Fear of failure overcomes the potential success.
  • Abasic idea doesn’t follow a more structured plan.

Does this sounds familar? Don’t worry. We are going to let you how people started their own business with virtually zero money.

These people where students at one of my courses on how to trasform your ecommerce business to a $1k per month business.
We have helped a huge amount of ecommerce business to achieve their goals.

What was they main problem that they were facing?

This guy injured his neck and understood the importance of good posture. He was working in an office and was “forced” to sit for prolonged hours. So he decided to make a product to reduce pain and improve his posture. Then he understood that he could help others too.

What problem were you facing?

The name of this guy is Brian and Brian’s product are helping thousands of people with their posture.

How did Brian understood that people wanted to buy his product?

Easy. He asked poeple like family members and co-workers if they would buy that item before he started making them. Pre-sales is an extremely important strategy that helps you determine if there is a real demand for that given product or not. It helpos you minimize financial risks.

How did you create the first version of your product?

Exoerimenting Backplane

What are the most important steps you need to do adn understand?
What were the core takeaways you had from this process?

  1. Pre-sales.

  2. Get over your fear of failure.
  3. Focus on what is important. Your product’s purpose is to solve your customers’ problems.

What were the biggest roadblocks you faced starting your business?

Being able get people trust. this has to happen before they purchase the item and this was solved with video and testimonials.

Your product as good as it can be it will never be perfect. Just focus on people who want it and sell it to them. Later on you can spen time making your product better and better. 

I’m up to about $2000 in revenue, withabsolutely zero investment of my own moneywith my ecommerce business. Read that last sentence again, ZERO.