Drive Traffic and Sales this Holiday Season to your Shopify

Discounts can be a powerful way to drive traffic and sales during the holiday season.

But having to add a discount code at checkout can also get in the way of making a sale and drive traffic. Drive traffic is the key element to your store success.

Here you can find some tips on how to drive more customers to your wonderful store.

Step up your store with amazing discounts

Dicsounts can make a difference when you drive traffic to your store. But coupon codes may have downsides.

Why? This may happen because customers need to remember their code and write it at checkout. They can also leave your site in order to look for the code but they will probably never come back. And if they type in the wrong code you better have a great client-support team.

All this could be resolved through shareable discount links. Everything gets easier with shareable discounts and also more engaging. All you need is a link on your (or yours) favorite social media platform.
Shopify's Shareable Discount Codes can help you sell more by making discount codes easier to use.

Shareable Discount Links are extremely functional and easy.

Create a new incentive with discounts. All you have to do is clicking on the promote button on the top left of the product’s page and then just apply the right variables that will drive traffic in the most profitable audience/sales ratio.
The promo link will take customers directly to your home page and the discount will be applied to the right product at checkout.

The one and only discomfort is that you can’t directly link your customer to the discounted product but this is something that will be likely “fixed” by being able to link our customer directly to a page of a given product.

Cut through the noise and command attention.

In the craziness of the holiday season, Shareable Discount Links are a simple but powerful way to cut through the clutter and send deals directly to customers. It’s just another way that we’re helping you have your best holiday season yet this year.

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