Seamless Christmas Online Shopping Experience with Shopify

This Christmas you may have a lot of customers turning to your e-business so you want to ensure that their experience is seamless. Shopify can help give you a streamlined way that you customers can come see your product and be able to place an order online. It is a great online Plugin and tool that can convert captured audience attention into a purchase.You don’t necessarily have to have an online business, just an online presence and suddenly you have a whole other audience to cater to. On reading this article you will definitely know what to do to take full advantage of the Christmas shopping season.

The most profound aspect of marketing states that marketing is not about what you sell but how you make your customers feel. You want to ensure that any customers get a positive view of your brand and want to recommend it to others. However what kind of experience or view of your business you want your customers to have is up to you and is the first thing you need to define.

Who are you as a brand?; is a the first question you should have; thereafter make sure your customers to know that. Your online presence should be crafted to best represent this.

The next thing to consider is what your customers expect from your business. Depending what your business is there is a reasonable expectation of what kind of service or quality to offer. Also because this is Christmas, a holiday season you can expect that consumers will be looking for a certain kind of experience and products for the season.

Melding a great holiday experience with your customers’ ideas of great and service will leave an indelible impression on their minds and lead to them coming back. A great holiday experience involves novelty and the spirit of giving. So any business that makes the customers feel revitalized and cared for when interacting with them will win out.

Your online presence must have themes reflecting not only the season but it most overlay the experience you expect to provide.

After you keep your customers coming back to check you out again you need to get them to make the purchase. There are three channels through which you are able to make contact with customers and acquire a purchase. They are: Website with Shopify link, Online Marketplace and Social Media. Here is how to make the most out of each.

Website/Shopify Online

It is best to have a website through which you can ​channel customers to make a purchase. In order to complete the purchase you can use Shopify as a great tool to facilitate any online transactions. A shopify plugin could be imbedded into your page to provide a link through which customers can make a purchase.

Image Elements: Place elements that not only represent your business but also represent the season. Other image elements are things such as Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa Claus, wrapped gift boxes. You can layer the festive season imagery with your own to show that your business empathizes with your customers’ feelings about the season.

Colors: The colors you use on your website will give your customers some cues about your business. Try and understand what the colors you use for your website says about you and your business.

Seamless Transitions on your website: This will lower customers’ anxiety and make them that if they were to make a purchase it would also be as easy. This can be done by linking your website with a Shopify plugin to allow them to seamlessly make a purchase from your online store.

Language: For the Christmas and New Year’s season, you want to use language that contains trigger words or synonyms of words such as: Togetherness, Family, Giving, Joy, Christ, New, Deals, Happy, and Food. These words capture the overall essence of the season and they illicit powerful positive emotions that may drive people to make decisions they wouldn’t otherwise. Therefore if you can get your customers to make the connection between makings a purchase and getting any of the emotions associated with those words you will convert their views into sales.

Spacing of elements: Make your website open and clean. Do not clutter your website with too much elements as this will raise consumer anxiety due to the amount of information they have to process.

Online Marketplaces

When promoting on Online Marketplaces you won’t be able to have as much control as on your own website, which is a given. That is why you will need to focus on how the product comes across. In order to bring your product across, the best thing you will need to focus on are Visuals, Language and links to Customer support.


The language needs to be in alignment with your brand. You only have a limited number of characters to express your business identity and convince people to buy your product. In addition to this you need to add some element of the holiday atmosphere to help motivate a sale. Writing a product description that gets sales conversions would need to cover all the above points.


Your product picture needs to be a high resolution image. It needs to be as if the customer is able to see the product in front of them.

Links to Customer Support

A major theme of the season is caring for others; that is why you need to show a potential customer you care by at least providing a link to customer support.

Social Media

You need to have a social media presence in this day and age. Social Media can easily be leveraged to tell people what you are about, craft your business identity and and also use it to reach out to different audiences. Here are some ways you must utilize social media to take advantage of its full potential to grow your business this Holiday season:

  • Remind people by using posts and pictures about what your business stands for
  • Relate to you audience and their holiday experience through some of your posts and show them that you will be doing something differently over the holidays.
  • Reach out to new audiences by connecting with influencers and cross promote content.
  • Use social media as a defacto customer service support center. Answer your customers’ questions and even interact with them. Take customer suggestions, implement them and show them that you did. This will build brand loyalty.
  • If a customer happens to have a particular issue then address it and if there is a product capable of helping then make reference to it. You can use a Shopify plugin to provide a link channel your customers to purchase your product.
Creating a seamless online shopping experience for the season is the perfect way to grow your business. It is well known that consumers shop with their feelings and less so with reason. Therefore if your business takes advantage of the consumers’ mood to leverage turn around sales then you will definitely be a stand out. There are not many opportunities throughout the year like yearend holiday so be sure to make the most of it.