Keep your site up-to-date

Treat your site like a baby

Web site is not only about build and forget it. You will have to feed it daily to maintain its credibility. Internet is a huge source of data. To let your content reach people, efforts need to be made by updating site with latest happenings and removing the obsolete. This can be a tedious task, so here’s enlisted a broad category of site update & some quintessential tips you need to keep in mind.

Technical updates

  • As the site goes old, some links become dead, broken or rot due to multiple reasons. They should be detected and fixed timely. Several online tools like Dead Link Checker, V3C Link Checker are available for the purpose. It is always preferable to link reliable sources, use short URLs and minimize page removals.
  • Website engine and plugins should be regularly updated with newer versions. Besides new features and functionality, it also prevents your site from attacks. But before update, keep in mind to have a full website backup to avoid any technical tragedy.    

Content updates

  • All the information about your company, product, team, personal information, mission, vision etc. should be up-to-date. A regular thorough revision of holidays, work timings and availability makes sure no client misses your approachability. Calendar post or separate section for circulars can also be used depending upon the need of site.
  • Maintaining a blog section at your site, is a very effective tool to tap customers. Daily product reviews, updates, content marketing, information relevant to industry involved, excerpts of interactive sessions with experts and many more ideas posted regularly maintains your high rank among competitors.
  • Social websites can be a great platform to give your site a personal touch. Links the site with Instagram, Twitter or any other social platform and give your visitors an insight of life at work or any casual info. This may turn visitors to clients or followers.
  • Regularly post testimonials. People rely too much on these. It helps build an image about your site. They perceive your work with the notions you post here.
  • Images retain longer than words in memory. It is important to remove unnecessary and outdated pictures from the site. Cartoons, real people in real situations, line drawings etc many more forms are available, but make sure to use the latest and the most impacting. Moreover, image formats also keep on updating with time. Do not stereotype your site.

Design updates – These kind of updates are rare and not to be carried frequently. But they form an important part of updating. The site may look old, boring or monotonous with time. A custom redesign from upper end designer or by use of available modern templates can bring back life to it. Aptly quoted ‘First impression is the last impression’, an appealing visual is as important as a relevant content.

Once you have taken care of all the categories, monitor the bounce rate of web pages and update them accordingly to improve UX. These updates may sound tough but are easy to implement. Keep working and enjoy the popularity of your site.