Background Media Uploading Introduced in WordPress for Android

Uploading Media in WordPress for Android Becomes Easy with the Introduction of Background Media Uploading

Uploading media files in your WordPress library or posts have always been a messy task. Heavy media files take a lot of time, while faulty network can take forever. All this while, you would have to wait patiently while the file uploads. In the new update, this changes.

What’s New?

In the version 8.1 of WordPress for Android, many new features have been included. One of the most interesting features is the Background Media Uploading, where you can upload the media files in the background and continue doing your work.

How Does Background Media Uploading Work?

While editing a new post, you can choose the media files you want to upload and push them in the background, while getting back to editing your post. In a similar fashion, you can tap on the “Publish” option if you are done with the editing. The app will wait till the files are uploaded, and then automatically publish the post. In fact, you can even save drafts in the same way. Just edit your post while the media files are getting uploaded, and save them in the drafts while the files are uploaded in the background. Also, the app supports multiple files uploads simultaneously, you can edit and save/publish multiple posts at once.

There Is More to Know About It!

Apart from the feature itself, the interface is modified so that you can see in the notifications about the status of all the files being uploaded. There, you can manage the uploading files and pause/cancel any file you might want. It must be noted that the new features are optimized for the new editor introduced in WordPress, called Aztec. You have to enable it in order to use these features to the fullest. The new WordPress for Android can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.