A good web design is important for content marketing

Why web design ?

​Whenever you go shopping, what first attracts is the packet, its color and design. Then comes the label and finally the ingredients. Same goes true with the two concepts. Web design and Content Marketing go hand in hand.

Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not directly promote a product but persuade readers to develop interest in it. Web design involves planning and creation of layout, text style, structure, graphic, images etc. to attract customers read your content. For example L’Oreal’s makeup.com. The blog presents large content related to make up in the form of tips, tutorials, images and videos. This in turn inclines readers’ towards the brand.

Important points to keep in mind while web design:

  • Look and feel – It is the first impression to your customer. Minimal or no use of tacky colors, subtle background and least distractions (ads, banners, pop ups etc.) give a positive feel to the viewer to explore the contents of the webpage or site. A clean design and well defined page structure is most important to give a professional look and win the trust of readers.
  • Accessibility – Primarily, the content should be well categorized and within easy approach of the viewer. Drop down menus, understandable categories & sub categories, average density of tabs, side menu panes make navigation easy so that the visitor do not have to dig deep to find details.
  • Textual comfort – Choose a clearly readable font style to present your content. Do not keep too many variations. A single font style in body maintains the concentration of the reader. A clear differentiation between the headline, sub-headline and body can be ensured by varying the font size, but not by too much. Font color must not be similar to the background to ensure visibility. A combination of light background with bright font is most preferable. Small paragraphs, use of bullets and numbered lists, proper use of headlines makes it easier for the reader to comprehend the information.
  • Illustrations – Mere reading can be a bit boring and repetitive. You can add on your web design with videos, charts, graphs, animations, voice recordings etc. It helps memorize the visitor about your content and is more appealing than any other mode.
  • Usability – With advent of smartphones and tablets, accessibility has confined from desktops to mobiles. The web design thus used shall be compatible with all the interfaces. The page must be familiar to features like text adaptation, image compression, menu minimization etc.
  • Subscription and share – If your web design allows these two options, they must preferably be put at the end or on the right/left to avoid distraction during reading.

Marketing is not about supplying what people want to buy, rather creating the demand of what you want to sell. To create such demand, display it content friendly, taking care of the potential readers and visitors. Compel them to read what you want them to. So, keep in mind the points just discussed and enjoy designing your idea in digital world.