Is CDN meant for your website ?

Basics of a Website

You might be familiar with the concept of website. It requires a great effort not only for creation but maintenance too. The basic components governing a website good or bad are:

  • Appearance
  • Content friendliness
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

All the components are of equal importance but here we have some tips to focus on the last factor.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It is a network of high speed servers placed across the globe to distribute the static data of your website. Whenever a visitor reaches your website, the content becomes available from the nearest CDN server. This reduces latency and improves the performance report to multiple times. A better user experience and fast load rates reduces the burden from web host.

Types of website that can benefit from CDN

CDN can be boon for some categories of website. Check out if your category falls here:

  • Loads of media – Accommodating a lot of content, images, videos, graphics on the website becomes tricky for performance report of web server. These are on demand services. Increased number of user requests, loads the server with high work pressure. This results in slow down of access speed. Ultimately, the user may opt not to wait for your content and switch to any other website.
  • High traffic spikes – To gain high traffic density is probably the only target of creating a website. It is important to handle and maintain this stardom. As the traffic spike goes up, server is held more responsible. In such cases, relying only on the host does not sounds a good option.
  • Interactive platforms – Features like online communities, interactive forums, live chats, real time assistance can prove to be fatal for your website if not handled well. Members located all over the world accessing the shared host account may find it difficult to access content placed on a far flung server.
  • Those using third party resource – It is common to embed a media file from other resource, use ads, forms etc. or maybe your own website acts as a third party resource for someone else’s. The more the popularity, the more the load.
Why CDN ?

Distributing your data on CDN servers improves reliability, scalability, performance of your website in a more pocket friendly way.

  • The giant servers placed geographically closed to users handles the large no. of media requests easily.
  • The work pressure during high traffic gets distributed among servers, resulting high performance.
  • Interactive sessions are less likely to suffer long latency since the connectivity of users increases with delivery network.
  • Since multiple servers are serving same requests, reliability and uptime tends to be more. They are the load shedders of web host.
  • It also helps mitigating DoS attacks, since the access to data is given from edge servers instead of origin server.

Opting for CDN over a high end infrastructure is an economically viable solution, specifically for individual owners and startups. Adjudge the need of your website and fly high its performance.