Launch, Measure, and Learn with New Marketing Analytics


To acquire brand new customers, you may run various marketing campaigns adopting tools like Kit, Google and Facebook, or apps like MailChimp.

All these marketing activities are now all in one place: Shopify

You will see immediately what is working and what’s not, and can gain knowledge in order to improve your marketing campaigns.

“Within just a couple of minutes using this feature, I have learned more about my conversions and how everything works—and how they affect different products categories and sales funnels—than in weeks and weeks of looking at previously available analytics.”

– David Coxon of Baltic Shop

Marketing Reports: Optimize Your Campaigns

Imagine that you created an ad with Kit, or sent emails to your customers using MailChimp. Our new Marketing Reports (accessible in the Analytics section) will show you in detail what’s going on on your store so that you can focus on what’s working and avoid what’s not.

You will now have all the statistics with analytics and reports available on your home page. Click to dig deeper and learn:

  • Sales, visits, orders, and avg. order value linked to each marketing activity
  • Your best-selling products and highest-spending customers
  • The difference between returning customers and new customers: which group needs more attention?
  • How your clients behave on your Shopify store (avg. visit duration, number of viewed pages, your checkout rate, etc.)

Sales-Attribution Reports: Understand Your Customers’ (Buying) Habits

Usually, your customers will visit your store multiple times before purchasing a product, so analyzing what ultimately brought them in to buy is hard yet crucial. They may run through your store through, then advertised by a Kit retargeting ad. But if you aren’t aware of this information you can’t act on them.

With this functional update, you’ll be able to know what funnels led them to buy and track your customers’ paths to purchase. Here’s what’s new:

  • Conversion Details
  • Conversion by First Interaction
  • Conversion by Last Interaction
  • Attribution Model Comparison

You will be able to know what leads to future sales and you will be able to track your customers’ path to purchase.

Seeing which sources helped you increase your first-time visitors, and which sources directly led to a sale from repeated visitors, will help you market to each of those targets precisely and maximize every dollar.​

“This is fantastic additional information. Being able to see the full journey across multiple visits to the website and conversion is very valuable.”

– Jimmy, Authenticity50

The best online marketers live by a simple rule: launch, measure, and learn. And they never stop analyzing and pivoting their marketing activities and campaigns for maximum results.

Your new reports are now ready to help you do the same. Start creating more effective, proof-based marketing campaigns just in time for the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

“If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.”
– Jim Metcalf