Com vs Net – the Difference between Domain Extensions

Com vs Net – the Difference between Domain Extensions

Com vs Net – What’s the Difference between Domain Extensions

You must be well aware of the importance of a domain name for a website. But the confusion between the two domain extensions i.e. Com Vs Net has always been a hurdle. Therefore, further, you’ll read about the basic difference between the two and which ones’ the better option for your website.

Com Vs Net: What’s the Difference?

To understand the difference between Com Vs Net better, it is necessary to know the meaning of these two domain extensions.
Com (.com) is used for the websites which are in the commercial work, such as the business websites, blog websites, online money making websites, etc. These all fall under the .com category only.
Net (.net) extension, on the other hand, stands for the network which means the websites dealing in internet or networking related services use this domain extension for their websites.

Com Vs Net – Choose the Right Domain Extension Wisely

It is usually misunderstood that if your website isn’t accepting the .Com extension then you can go for the .Net extension. But this won’t work for your business at all. Therefore, you need to be careful before choosing your domain name as well as your domain extension in order to opt for the right choice.

Com Vs Net – Which is better for SEO Ranking?

In case, you are wondering that either of the domain extension would help you achieve a higher SEO ranking, you are wrong. The selection of any of the two domain names won’t affect your SEO ranking, as both of them would provide the same effect to your website when it comes to search engine optimization.
What would affect your SEO ranking is the content that you use on your website. The better content you use, the better ranking you’ll get.
But this doesn’t mean that your domain name also won’t play any role in your SEO ranking. The domain name is important for an enhanced ranking but the extension you use with the domain, may it be Com or Net, won’t have any effect.
Thus, the mystery of the Com Vs Net battle should be clear by the above-mentioned information. Hence, use the domain extension as per the nature of your website and business.