Short guide on getting started with Shopify


Do you want to sell your goods online? Shopify provides perhaps the easiest platform to do so. With this platform, you can also sell digital products and even services like drop shipping or consultancy. The sky’s the limit for budding entrepreneurs like you when you use Shopify.
You don’t even have to shell out a significant sum of money to be able to set up an online store on the platform. You can create a free trial account that runs for 2 weeks. It’s a way to test the water, so to speak.

So how do you get started with Shopify? Here’s a short guide:

Create a free Shopify trial account

Go to the website ( and start your free trial by inputting your store name, password, and email. Fill out other personal details like address, name, and contact information.

Then go to the dashboard where you can set up your domain, add products, and customize the look of your website. You can also add a theme if you want.

Add products to your Shopify store

It’s also on the dashboard where you can find the functionalities for adding products to your shop. Prepare images of the products that you will be selling online. Upload the photos, set the price, and enable Shopify to track your inventory.

Set up Shopify Payment gateway

With Shopify, you can connect to the most popular payment gateways in your country. This means you can accept payments securely. Your customers will also have multiple choices in paying you, from debit cards, credit cards, net banking, among others.

Shopify Shipping

Since you’re running an online store, you naturally have to choose a shipping option. You can choose to partner with the top logistics firms in your country. Shopify allows your firm to enjoy automatic and smooth shipping.

Shopify blogs and social media

Finally, you can set up a blog on your site to keep your customers interested in the goods or services you are offering. You may also add social media buttons to increase visibility of your site.