These are Few Tips to Design Websites for Users and Search Engines

Creating the websites is actually quite a challenging task as the web designers have to keep a track of many elements at one time. User experience matters a lot and on top of that, the features and content play a major role in deciding the site’s credibility. Features like button designs, call to action, functionality, graphics, sliders, animations, and typography etc. enhance the overall visual presentation of a particular website, no matter what the genre is.

To be at the top of the users and search engines list, here are few tips to embrace:

User Experience – IMPORTANT

Entice the customers by offering them an appealing and beautiful website. Driving the viewers towards the site and converting them to the customers should be the thumb rule of every site owner. It is important how visitors flow throughout the site and find the navigation quite operational. Work on the content part, use right phrases, grammar and make the copy readable for the viewers.

Optimize the Images

Google ranks the websites according to the content and images so it is essential to upload commendable images and presentable text. Link the users to go to the next page and try keeping them hooked as it will help in increasing the search engine rankings. Since the users will be at your website for long owing to the incredible images, it will decrease the bounce rate and Google will in turn – push your site to the top.

Fast Loading and Easily Accessible

People when visit your site – do it for a purpose! They want to get what they want and because other websites haven’t been able to give that, they want to obtain it from your site in few taps and clicks. So will they wait for the site to open for too long? Or they would want to see missing page errors? The answer is pretty clear!

Make sure your site is nicely centered for what the customers have landed there. Offer easy access, fast loading and quick checkouts, if it is an ecommerce portal.

And that’s a wrap! Hope you got to know the tips to design search engines’ friendly websites.