Easily Manage Your Blog on a Phone with WordPress Mobile App

WordPress Mobile App Makes It Easy to Manage Your Blog on Your Mobile Device

Now, you have the freedom to manage blog posting and featured image displaying on your Android or iOS device. WordPress has re-defined the blog submission technology to be done using smartphones. There are other changes as well to make the WordPress mobile app more innovative for you to use WordPress.

Technical Advancement in Posting Blogs with WordPress Mobile App

Now you can choose the option to install categories/tags widgets on mobile WordPress. Earlier, WordPress was providing only categories to mention long-range topics. However, right now, more specifically, people can select tags which are basically the keywords. Readers have no hazards to understand the content going through the tags. Tags are short and categories are lengthy. The Tag feature has renewed the pattern of content posting on mobile devices.

Slug Posts with Innovation

WordPress has also announced that it will have a new format with awe-inspiring tech features. Especially, in the editing world, the technology is much functional with sophistication in content resetting. For example, editing slugs are easy to modify on the android. Slug posts are few short terms or keywords to help readers understand the niche of the content. Slug posts are useful to reporters to send reports to editors for publication. Now you can change and rewrite the slug posts on the WordPress easily. Add new tags and make the slugs for editing more relevant to inspire readers.

New Featured Image Posting Mode

WordPress has an unbelievable ultra-modern setting for page decoration. Featured images are transferable to mobile devices. Design the home page with the new photos/snapshots. Share images on Facebook or other social media portals. Gear mode on android and Options icon on mobile phones are active for users to optimize the WordPress pages.

Often remote workers have to enlarge the content displaying screen for fast reviewing. Many local and basic content editing tools are not workable. However, newly updated WordPress is the best accessory to refresh the web content. It enables remote freelancers to maximize the page and edit the supportive paragraphs. Rotate and zoom the screenshots at various angles on the smartphone.