WordPress Offers Better Blogging via Podcasts

Enhance Your Blogging Experience by Adding Podcasts: Collaboration with RadioPublic Announced

You will be thrilled to know that with the new partnership with the RadioPublic you can now access almost quarter-million podcasts to add them to your posts and web pages on WordPress.com and even jetpack-powered sites.

Podcasts are a wide medium of better and effective way of conveying your story. Pairing them with blogs and websites will give them an interesting turn with an appealing perspective. It will allow you to learn and understand better with the help of their audio and video features. You can create, edit and share your podcasts wherever you want.

How Do Podcasts Enhance Your Site?

You can add a podcast to your website for various uses. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can embed your favorite top ten list to your post. You can focus on distinctive fields like podcasts from sports, entertainment, information, news etc. to provide a variety to your viewers. This will give your viewers an example of some good podcasts and will encourage them to try some of their own and create their personal list.
  • When writing about a particular topic, add a series to your posts to add impact. Your readers will have something different to pay attention to.
  • You need not put in all informative and interesting podcasts in all of your posts. At times you can create something light and entertaining to give a friendly impact.

About RadioPublic:

RadioPublic has been innovating for years and has brought some impactful and creative ideas which are loved immensely by their audience. After the partnership with WordPress.com, they now share open protocols to relinquish podcasts across numerous platforms. They have given a chance to many to bring out their talents, discoveries, and voices on a common stage.

Steps to Embed a Podcast:

To embed a podcast to your post or website, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit search.radiopublic.com and find a show you want to embed.
  • Select the show by clicking on it or select a particular episode from the show if you just want that to be embedded.
  • The URL link to that show or series is the embed link you need to add to your post. Copy and paste the link into your post editor and you have a podcast embed to your post successfully.

Note: If you embed a show and not an episode of the series, even then the player will be automatically showing the most recent episode of the show.

So it’s high time to step into something different and interesting by adding podcasts to your websites and posts. This will definitely help you to leave a trail on your viewer’s mind and out stand your work from that of others.