New Shopify App Launched

Shopify App

Canadian e-commerce titan Shopify has announced that it is launching a new app that will enable its clients to better reach out to their respective customers. In a recent article on its Product Hunt page, Shopify said its Ping app will enable online merchants to communicate directly to their customers.

New Shopify App

The Ping App basically works as an integrated messaging platform where Shopify users can leave and receive messages from their clients, and potentially give them what they need. This app brings together all the communication tools or functions from other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Chatkit. Observers believe that there will be more features down the road as Shopify explores more ways to enhance this feature to benefit their users.

The app, which only works on iOS, includes a feature called “Kit” which users can go to if they want to deliver ads on Facebook and Instagram. It can also come in handy when making email and retargeting campaigns based on information gathered from messages of customers. This feature is expected to make it easier for retailers to pinpoint their campaigns or ads with customers based on the feedback they’ve been getting in their messaging channels.

Shopify app gets positive reception

The Shopify app has received good reviews from industry observers. Ray Wang, an analyst at Constellation Research, says that Shopify made the right move to converge marketing and chat in its platform.
Some observers have also noted that the new Shopify app is a nod to Intercom, another customer messaging app. However, it should also be stressed that the Ping app works only in Shopify and not as broadly focused as the said messaging tool. Still, the launch of the app is considered a breakthrough considering that Shopify is a major e-commerce platform that pulled in nearly $600 million in profits last year.