Online selling and traditional marketing

Online selling

Online selling has become the norm today. Consumers buy almost everything online—from toiletries, clothes, shoes, to the accessories for their dogs.  Even designer goods which in the past can only be bought at brick and mortar stores have also shifted their sales online. LVMH, the owner of luxury brand Louis Vuitton, reported taking in revenues of $13 billion in the first quarter of the year thanks to its robust online sales.

It is thus not surprising that firms are putting all their efforts, time, and money to promote their products and services online. These days, it seems that all firms are selling online.

Online selling affected by Facebook privacy issue

However, this trend does not mean that traditional marketing methods should be completely forgotten or ignored by marketing professionals. In the light of the recent Facebook privacy brouhaha, it is expected that many people will now think twice about clicking a link or buying something from an online store.

How traditional marketing techniques can complement online selling

In view of these developments, brands should consider using the following traditional marketing strategies to complement their digital marketing efforts:

  1. Networking. Many experienced marketing professionals agree that face-to-face connections are still valuable in this day and age. Networking with people can help drive traffic to a website, especially when the new connections are motivated to learn more about the marketing professional and his/her firm.
  2. Sponsoring an event.  Business owners should realize the benefits of sponsoring an event. Doing so can help in raising brand awareness and improving goodwill among target customers. Event participants including members of the media can help spread the word about a particular brand.
  3. Trade shows.  This type of event provides brands with the opportunity to come together and display their products and services to the general public. It can be quite costly, though, so brands should plan out their marketing strategy before participating in one.