Deliv Offers Delivery for Shopify Retailers

Deliv Offers Delivery for Shopify Retailers

Deilv Offers Delivery for Shopify Retailers

 Deliv is a delivery company which is currently in the partnership with the Shopify retailers such as Macy’s, Pet smart and Best Buy, also offering same-day delivery to them. Now they are planning to expand their business by starting their partnership with Shopify Retailers and are going to give them a same-day delivery.

          This is possible because of the partnership between shopify and Zapiets. Zapiets is a store pick-up and local delivery, which also helps Shopify manage their store inventory and configure the confines of the deliveries. All of which happened a couple of months before the launch of Deliv RX for same-day delivery.

Shopify Companies without storage Facilities:

Deliv helps those companies as well who suffer from finding a storage place to store their inventories. Deliv achieves this task by coordinating and managing it with a third party.

Deliv entrusts this task to 1099 contractors across the 35 markets, Deliv divides them according to their availability. Deliv has ten and thousands of drivers to make the delivery happen but to make the delivery happen Deliv requires storage space which is accommodated through these kinds of means.

Transportation of Shopify companies things from one place to another:

According to Daphene Carmeli transporting people from one place to another is different from transporting things from one place to another. She said that the resources to achieve both of the tasks are different and that it is hard to manage the complete resources to deliver a person from one place to another, rather than in the transportation of things it is less complicated and it is easier to manage.

 She also said that she wasn’t surprised at all when the UberRUSH ran out of business as it is a hard and requires experience and time to handle every situation accurately. And so Deliv is proud of the fact that they are able to manage it.