Magento Commerce Launches New Tool

Magento Commerce Launches New Tool

Magento Commerce has release a new suite of tools designed to build web-based stores with app-like experiences.
The Canada-based cloud digital commerce firm recently announced in a statement that it has launched Magento Progressive Web Applications Studio (PWA). With this new tool, Magento Commerce users will be able to deliver simple and fast front-end experiences on many mobile devices.

Mobile commerce continues to expand. According to Forrester, it will likely account for half of the overall retails sales growth by the year 2022. Despite these gains of mobile commerce, many online merchants still have to deal with low conversion rates. Many studies have also shown that consumers only install and use apps for their favorite brands. Another study showed that the typical smartphone user in the United States downloads zero apps in a month.

Magento Commerce PWA

With PWA, Magento Commerce hopes to offer the most powerful website and mobile app functions to users that can help them increase their conversion rates and improve the revenues of their respective brands.

According to Magento Commerce senior vice president of Product and Technology Jason Woosley, PWA will feature tools for personalizing content and adding local preferences as well as building and managing all experiences and channels via one code base, deployment and app.

Carved, a firm which sells custom-made smart phone accessories, has been one of the early users of PAW. According to its founder John Webber, PAW has improved its mobile conversions by 75 percent and reduced bounce rates by 33 percent.

Magento Commerce Gains

Magento says PWA Studio will be available this summer.  It is the latest move from the leading cloud commerce innovation provider which generates more than $150 billion in gross merchandise volume annually.  It remains to be seen how this latest initiative will improve the conversion and minimize bounce rates of other firms that invests in PWA Studio.