Top Four WooCommerce Extensions for Product Reviews

Product Reviews
Positive product reviews can enable online merchants to increase their sales. After all, reviews can vouch for the product or service being offered online. With WooCommerce, online entrepreneurs can make their customers’ product reviews work to their advantage.

In this post, we will reveal several WooCommerce extensions that can highlight product reviews of customers:

1. WooCommerce Product Review Pro

As an ecommerce platform, WooCommerce has many review features. However, WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro gives websites an Amazon-like experience. This tool, in particular, lets online merchants accepts images and videos of their products generated by their customers.  Moreover, users may ask their reviewers or customers questions and display answers on the review page.

2.  Review for Discount

This WooCommerce extension encourages a customer to review the products he has bought from a particular site. In exchange for the review, the online merchant can offer a discount to the  customer.

This is a clever and effective way to entice satisfied customer to leave a review, something they normally won’t do if there’s nothing at stake.

3. Yotpo

Customers may receive a reminder email to leave a product review. But they still have to go to your site in order to write the review.

This is where Yotpo can help. This extension allows you to incorporate the review form in your reminder email. Thus when your customer replies to your email with a review, the review will automatically appear on your website.

You may also include coupons with Yotpo to further entice a customer to leave a review. The biggest con of using Yotpo is that you have to pay for it.


Millennials know FOMO as “Fear of Missing Out.”  It is also the name of a WooCommerce extension that shows many notifications like purchase data and special offers. It can show your visitors how other people view a product you have on your store.  Like Yotpo, you’ll have to pay to use this extension with the lowest price plan amounting to $29 a month.