Tips for Keeping Track of Your Post Ideas in WordPress

Tips for Keeping Track of Your Post Ideas in WordPress

The best ideas come at the strangest occasions. Archimedes found one while in his bathtub, and you might find one while brushing your teeth. Any blogger worth his salt knows that the post ideas can come at anytime and anywhere. You might tell yourself that you will start working on the ideas as soon as you log into your laptop, but the idea disappears on the way and you don’t even notice.

This is why it is important to ensure that all ideas, no matter how trivial, are noted down and accessible to you when need be. Here are some ways to do that.

Adding Ideas To an External Source

  • Notepads are the evergreen and trustworthy companion of people ever since paper became cheap for all. They are small, compact and could be carried around everywhere. On the downside, they are not synced with the devices you actually use for writing.
  • Note-making apps like Evernote and Google Note are great digital options for noting down everything important. They can be synced between mobiles, laptops, and tablets, so your ideas are accessible everywhere.

Saving Post Ideas on WordPress

Saving your ideas anywhere might make you forget about checking and working on those ideas later on, which defeats the actual purpose of saving these ideas. Thus, the best way is to save these ideas in the place where you would be using it: WordPress itself.

Like most things on WordPress, you would need a plugin for this: the WP Dashboard Notes plugin. Once it is installed, you need to go to the Dashboard, then on the Screen Option and click on Add Note. This will add the Note widget at the bottom of the dashboard.

You can use this widget to add notes (List by default, but could be switched to plain text) and customize it. You can either set it Public (accessible to all authors and subscribers of that website) or Private (accessible to only you). The notes are auto-saved.

Just like that, you find the place to save all the marvelous post ideas that come to your head.