A Comparison of the 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared

Efficient backup plugins for your WordPress website can play a crucial role in this age of cyber security so that any kind of hacking or self-accidental lockout can be prevented. WordPress hosting providers usually offer limited services of this type though they may not be relied upon. However, there are a lot of options available and we take a look at the top 7 easy to use backup plugins that can be useful.

Comparing the Top 7 Backup Plugins

1. BackupBuddy:

BackupBuddy is one of the best WordPress backup plugins that offers many types of storage options including their own cloud storage. Backup can be scheduled as per different timelines. It can provide regular updates, create a copy and restore a site. They also provide 1 GB cloud space for the purpose.

2. UpdraftPlus:

UpdraftPlus is another WordPress plugin that is free to use and can be used to make a total backup of a WordPress site. The backup can be stored in the cloud or a PC. Files for backup can be chosen and can be uploaded onto different types of drives. It also has a premium version that offers database search, multisite and priority support.

3. BackWPUp:

BackWPUp can be used to backup a WordPress site and store it on mail, FTP, cloud or computer. Using it is extremely easy and the restoration of backup is quite simple.

4. BackUpWordPress:

BackUpWordPress can be used to backup WordPress sites and create different timetables for files and database. For storage though, one may have to buy the premium extensions, either singly or as a whole.

5. Duplicator:

Duplicator can be used to migrate a WordPress site and also has backup features but the scheduling of database and files in this plugin may not be possible.

6. WP-DB-Backup:

WP-DB-Backup can be used to backup WordPress database and create timely automated backups, database backups and restore a database although backup of media files may have to be done manually.

7. VaultPress:

VaultPress offers real-time backup plugin on the cloud. Setting it up and restoration can be very easy and fast. However, it is not a free service and recurring cost may have to be borne out.

Wrap Up:

After looking at all of the backup plugins, it can be ideal to use BackUpBuddy as the service is free and it has its own cloud storage facility. However, every plugin has some pros and cons, and you should choose any one of them according to your requirements.