Important Mobile SEO Best Practices You Should Implement

6 Mobile SEO Best Practices You Should Implement

Mobile marketing boom is generating a good earn from the last few years and it’s all due to mobile SEO best practices. As the number of smartphone users is increasing globally, the development of solid mobile SEO strategies is also been increasing at a great speed so as to advertise your business on a higher level. Just have a glance at the below-mentioned six mobile SEO best practices to rank your website on a higher level:

1. Google AMP:

Google AMP is one of the best Mobile SEO techniques to rank up your website on mobile. It is an open source idea which was launched successfully in October 2015. It is a lightweight framework which is perfectly designed and developed to back up Google and to rank your website at a higher level.

2. Image Optimization for Mobile SEO:

Image optimization is another most common way to increase the number of visitors to your website doing mobile SEO. It enables you to go for image resizing, optimization and much more up to 50% and enhances the web loading speed of your page within just a few seconds.

3. Minimize JavaScript and CSS:

Customization of JavaSript and CSS files enable you to loosen up some space in your device memory and hence enhance the speed of web page loading. You can easily minify both the languages by copy-pasting the code into either of the JavaScript or CSS minifier and then pasting the same on output back into the original files, that’s it. It is an effective mobile SEO technique.

4. Disable Pop-ups:

One of the most common reasons for slow loading of web pages is the repetitive introduction of the pop-up menus on our home screen. If you are not interested then just disable these pop-ups and enjoy a better access to your website.

5. Make Your Elements Touchable:

You should need to make your elements touchable so that you could make them distinct, responsive and apparent as per your smartphone. You can customize these elements with a button so that it can be used easily whenever required.

6. Responsive Design:

The website you are going to design should need to have a responsive design so that it could be easily accessed from a cell phone or iPad.

Final Thoughts:

It’s obvious to look after the mobile SEO strategies which are another impressive way to improve a website’s position in search engines. But, it’s also important to update the contents on your website on a regular basis to make your website fresh always and well optimized.