Optimize SEO on your site

How can you optimize SEO on your site?

Discover the best ways to optimize SEO and rank up on google searches

Planning First of all

As you create content you want to pay special attention to keywords that you are targeting. You may have reached the top of the rankings but you have to pay particular attention in order to maintain the current ranking or position.

What you need to focus on are the search queries that yield the highest total traffic. To determine which keywords are most important and which ones can be left to competition, look at the traffic data for different search queries using Google Analytics or Google’s Webmaster Tools program.

Stay updated

If you’re in SEO you have to stay updated. It’s a field that is constantly changing. If you are capable to jump from technique to technique you have the possibility to outrank your competitors giving you an incredible result. This is the best way to optimize your SEO.

Check monthly or even better weekly on SEO related sites and watch and observe updates on google ranking algorithms. If you notice evidence of a new way to optimize SEO apply it. Why? Because there are good probabilities that other sites won’t update their SEO.

What to do?

Google suggestions keyword are extremely useful before. To check good keywords we can use keywordKeg.
Let’s start by entering our root keyword that in this example will be “sneaker laces.”

Root keyword.

Just as an example, I noticed that various searches use brand modifiers like Amazon, eBay… We want to add those keywords to our negative keywords for further clean-up results

Removing negative keywords.

As you can see there are a big number of keywords that are material specific and that include various product that we don’t have the intention to sell. Therefore we will exclude those keywords too.

Removing additional negative keywords.

This “strategy” allows us to niche-dow with our keywords.
We want now search keywords per monthly search volume. By doing that we understand how much popular these keywords are

Identifying monthly search volume.

What should you do now?

Build topic scheme for your e-commerce