How to Promote a Product (Shopify edition)

How can you promote a product? Here there are some tips you can apply.

Let’s get directly to some of the best advice on how to promote a product

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You’re at the helm of a young and successful Shopify store or e-com business. Your products are great and customers love it. So you have the product, the platform (Shopify) but you don’t know how to market and sponsor your product. What you need is a killer promotion, a plan and multiple ways to be able to promote your amazing products.

But before watching at multiple ways to promote a product you need to optimize the back end: a promotion strategy

Optimizing Your Promotion Strategy

Always aim to increase demand for your product. Prior to anything, find out a way to optimize your promotions in order to create a greater demand for it. How? Increasing brand awareness and creating a community around your brand is crucial. Bonuses, special offers, flash sales are also great ways to make customers crave your product.

 Regardless of the path you take, keep your end goal in mind: You want to make your customers want your product.

Best ways to promote a product


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Giveaways can be an extremely easy and flawless marketing approach in order to promote a product launch. This tactic is also time efficient and time-saving. But why it is so powerful? Everyone loves to receive gifts and free stuff in general. Therefore giveaways can produce a lot of (good) rumors around your brand and also a lot of interest

“While giveaways have their drawback of attracting people with little interest in your company besides the free goodies, the strategy itself is one with immense potential especially if you create your sweepstakes with clear objectives and requirements.


Create a Facebook campaign

Create an amazing campaign on Facebook before the actual conception of your product. A teaser campaign sends a message to the social media world that something exciting is about to happen. Even if you do not end up creating the exact product you have originally hoped for, you have probably developed relationships across social channels, giving you a great opportunity to take the launch process to an entirely new level.