“Shopify Money”: Signs that you are rich

Making money online is a great skill but when you’re actually making money, what are the signs that you are rich?

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Top five signs that you are rich

We want to show you what rich life looks like and serve as an anchor point to understand what aspects of your life could be improved. The world looks at the rich differently and well, some, marvel at their achievements but some vilify them. Those who are poor never look at how real fortunes are built, and most of them think that it has everything to do with luck or illegal things. But that’s not true because more and more people are making the financial leap by innovating and contributing to the world.

So what are the main signs that you are rich, that your “Shopify money” is making you a substantial amount of wealth?

1) If you were to stop working you could go more than one year (without affecting your lifestyle)

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We all know the importance of money saved up or smartly invested before.
The clear sign that you are doing well with your store is that if something bad happened and/or you couldn’t work your lifestyle wouldn’t be affected by it.
Usually, beginners work for money (like everybody else) but wealthier c-commerce owners are able to outsource a lot of the process that is involved in making sales and maintaining their e-commerce, os they basically have their money working for them.
The smarter you manage your store the more secure your reality is.
So the rich e-com owners could stop working all together and never go broke because of how well they structured everything.
Do you agree on the first of the signs that you are rich?

2) You think that earning 250k a year isn’t a lot of money

Everybody wants to get to that “paycheck” until they realize that quarter of a million isn’t that much.
Someone might be shocked by this but earning 250k a year isn’t that much money. Of course, things can vary depending on which country you live in.
Why It’s not that much? Well, after paying for personal expenses and paying all your taxes you are barely left with anything
But you might get smart about it and place into an investment portfolio, or directly reinvest it into your personal e-commerce business that gets you a solid ROI.

3) You don’t feel stuck

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Do you feel like you can leave everytime you want, and you’re in charge of your life? If yes then you are probably rich!
One of the major benefits to be financially secure is that you have options. Unless you want to your days can look different. And you don’t have all that “being stuck feeling” eating you from the inside.

Comfort is appreciated but being too comfortable takes away from your inner nature to improve and constantly move forward.
You feel like the world is yours for the taking and hell yea you’re coming after to everything the world has to offer.
Let’s check other signs that you are rich

4) You are confident that you could start over and things would work out

This is when you really know you are rich because your success is no more dependent on circumstances or environment.

You as an individual are worth a lot. Your knowledge, your skill set is improved so much that even a dramatic change and the need to start over from scratch could not stop you. Yes, it would be a hell of hard and time-consuming, but you know that you will still get it.

People usually underestimate the importance of investing in their self(eg. learning how to do Facebook ads ). A few know that this kind of investment usually pays the best interest.

Once you know how to make money that knowledge doesn’t go away.

5) You aren’t motivated by money alone

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This is one of the greatest signs that you are rich…

One of the beautiful things about being rich is that money doesn’t control you. You want it but you don’t need it. Because of this subtle differences, you can do what you truly like and have more free time for it.

If you are rich the cha-chin sound of Shopify doesn’t sound that good anymore if you can’t build a legacy from it. You have now the power of helping others and a great impact on the world before you are gone.