4 Awesome WordPress Features That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

4 Amazing WordPress Features That Every WordPress User Know

WordPress is one of the biggest platforms in the blogosphere. Bloggers create their content and grow their businesses to great heights. However, WordPress has many undiscovered features that do not appear on the surface and one must dig deep to find them out. We have saved you from the trouble of finding those awesome WordPress features by giving you a list of four of these undiscovered WordPress features. Check out these here:
WordPress Features #1: Keyboard Shortcuts
Well, when your full-time job includes computers and keyboards you must know all the little hacks and tricks to make your work all the easier. WordPress has many amazing keyboard shortcuts which help you do your job fast on your WordPress website.

  • Use ‘*’ for starting an unordered list and use ‘1.’ or ‘1)’ to begin an ordered list.
  • Use ‘>’ for transforming into a blockquote.
  • Use ‘#’ for transforming into h1. Similarly, use ‘##’ for h2 and so on.

WordPress Features #2: Splitting into Multiple Pages:

WordPress gives you the option of splitting one page into multiple pages. This feature will help you to create a more user interactive content which is rather lengthy and might make it unappealing.
To enable this feature insert “<!- next page->” into your content or post for splitting into two pages. You can reuse the tag to split the content into more pages.
WordPress Features #3: Edit the Dashboard to Explore more Features
The dashboard on WordPress is a very important tool for the admin. The dashboard, by default, has certain tools and shortcuts that can be altered as per your liking.
In order to do so, you click on the “Screen Options” tab and can add or delete the boxes on the dashboard that point to different sections on your website.
WordPress Features #4: Edit the Images
Addition of images on your post is fairly simple. However, many beginners and newbies are not aware of the fact that WordPress provides basic editing tools for the images you add in the content.
To be able to do so, open the “Library” from “Media” and choose any image. From the pop-up menu that appears concerning the image, select “Edit Image” option.
So these are the four awesome WordPress features that you probably were unaware of. Now make use of these WordPress features to create greater content.