New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions

Have You Checked the Improved version of iOS Sharing Extensions?

The sharing ability of content from one application to another app is a main part of the iOS sharing extensions. That is why mobile companies are keenly researching and progressing for new extensions in the mobile devices. These companies have launched a big update to the share extension for the users who are using the WordPress for iOS app.
They rethought about the entire workflow for mobiles, iPhones, and iPads. Thus, as result, a new and improved version 9.6 has come into the picture with a better experience!

Sharing Has Become Easier With iOS Sharing Extensions

The sharing extensions allow its users to format text, add headings, and make lists and perform more functions with an editor toolbar. After drafting a post, they can assign a category and fix tags which are relevant as per the assigned category. Once the users are satisfied with the editing and drafting of the post, they can present it online just by tapping publish button. The app will upload the drafted post along with images in the background. A notification will be sent to the users when it is finished.

A New Drafting Extension – iOS Sharing Extensions

Many of us often like to capture an idea for later. Maybe we want to upload an image from the Photos app or save a quote from the online content for the next post. Here the new drafting extension assists us in a simple way and permits us to work later on the next post.
Activating these IOS sharing extensions involves a few small steps for the first time. To get started, open the app that holds the post you like to share and click on the share button. You will see the standard iOS share screen on your device.

Guidelines to Add Extensions in Shared Screens

  • Swipe the row to the right.
  • Find the “More…” icon — to see the Activities menu.
  • Move down and search for the “WordPress” share extension or locate “Save as Draft” for the drafting extension.
  • Switch it on and click the ‘Done’ button.

With a big hope that users will enjoy these new IOS sharing extensions to add better content on site, their sites companies are appreciating costumers’ feedback. So, give a try to WordPress mobile apps for your Android device or iOS, and share your experience!