Updated Signup and Site Creation on Mobile Devices

Improved Sign Up and Site Creation on WordPress’ Mobile Applications

Now you can more easily handle your website while sipping a hot brewed coffee at your favorite cafe or traveling on the bus by utilizing the updated signup and site creation feature on your iOS or Android mobile phone. Read below about the enhanced signup and site creation functions on the WordPress’ mobile applications.

How to Utilize the Updated Signup and Site Creation Feature?

To simplify the signup process, it has been separated from the site creation. Let’s discuss both signup and site creation feature separately.

1. Sign Up Process:

Sign up has its different way throughout the process that will allow its user to alter information as per their choice. It depends on the users’ choice that whether they want to sign up through email or via their Google account.
If a user wants to sign up through email, then WordPress provides a signup email or a sign-up link to your email’s inbox after he or she enters his/her email address. By clicking the confirmation link, the complete signup process appears.
Moreover, WordPress provides the final screen where users can modify their username or profile name. It also shows the list of username options for selecting a suitable name based on the current username. If the user has signed up for an email address, then he/she also have to set a password for his/his WordPress account.
With setting a password, the sign-up procedure is finally done. Now users can easily create their own website.

2. WordPress.com Site Creation:

The new WordPress site creation involves very few steps that ensure flexibility with more options.
Firstly, users need to select the type of website they want to develop — a blog site, portfolio or a business website. This choice helps them to select a suitable mobile-friendly theme for their website. After selecting a theme, they require generating a title and an impressive tagline. On the basis of your website title, WordPress will suggest a list of available domain names. Once you select a domain, it will create the website and show a preview of their website to you. Now you are free to either configure the website settings or directly start with writing blog posts as per your choice.

Try the signup and site creation Feature From Your Mobile Phone Today:

With the updated signup and site creation feature, the WordPress users will be able to easily signup on WordPress from their mobile devices and they can also create a website of their choice on the go. Try the signup and site creation feature from your mobile device today and experience the power of WordPress.