5 online marketing trends Disney says you should jump on

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5 online marketing trends Disney says you should jump on

Like Walt Disney keep yourself informed, have a curious nature towards things and use new elements in your experiments.

If you plan on engaging yourself in any kind of business activity, you will find the best examples of learning from Disney. It was a pleasure to be invited to the Disney social media Moms Celebration event. This is a get together of influential people from all over the country who participate in various events and learn from them too.
The digital marketing director at Disney parks Alex Ruiz introduced us to some online trends that Disney thinks are worth paying attention too. And if Disney considers these subjects worth of attention you should add them to your list of consideration as well.

Live through the trends

Different social media platforms are being used to present the art of storytelling by using Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Amp by Google. The platform that is mostly used for the three is the Instagram story. More than 100 million users are making use of this feature to get through to their followers through the world of pictures and short videos. Lately, a new feature named highlights has been introduced on Instagram which gives you the option of viewing the story even after the 24 hours have ended. This means the story can be viewed anytime.
How is it effective? This content is short and exciting for people who have a short attention span. Since there is so much going on the social media and a variety of options available online people like to choose short content which gives you an immediate insight into the activities of other people.

To make a larger number of people a part of your daily activities go live!

The facebook live feature is known to be watched three times longer than other regular videos. These live videos receive 10 times more comments than normal videos and the Facebook live stream is higher by 330% said, Ruiz. This is the strength of going live on Facebook.
The video that has been watched the most on live videos is known as the Chewbacca Mom which has managed to attract 171 million views. It’s hard to believe that it started in a parking lot.

Increase your availability with a Chatbot!

According to Ruiz Chatbots are not a new trend but they are gaining popularity these days.
You can train Chatbots as your secondary selves in a digital form which are available to your audience 24/7. According to Ruiz the best use of the Chatbot is to use them to offer value for your products rather than selling them.

Technology that can be activated through your Voice

The most sold product on Amazon was the Amazon Echo Dot named Alexa. Alexa is known to have more than 25000 skills which are also known as apps. According to Ruiz, this is the best time to produce new skills using the voice active technology since the stats state that more than 0 million home devices have been sold by the end of 2017.
It is expected that by 2020 all search engines might be voice active devices which can set the graphs higher for new SEO strategies. You might want to add the feature of voice optimization to your blog in the near future.

Don’t back down from taking a step forward

Take the course of action like Walt Disney of keeping yourself well informed about the market situation and be curious to know what new things are coming in and taking shape. Don’t be afraid of doing new experiments. Take expert advice on your new ideas and move to the next level. Variables online keep moulding and changing with time you need to make sure your strategies are evolving with them too.