Google Adwords use in e-commerce

Google Adwords

Google Adwords use in e-commerce

Did you know that Google processes 40k search quires every second. This makes it by far the most popular website. In a single day, Google processes 3.5 billion search queries. This is equal to 1.2 trillion searches per year. There is no wonder why a lot of e-commerce companies are looking to leverage Google AdWords for e-commerce marketing. Imagine the endless business possibilities that are open to your e-commerce store due to Google AdWords.  You might think that getting a million people to your site is very hard. However, Google AdWords has made it very simple.

How to use Google AdWords

A short tutorial will come handy for using Google AdWords.

Step1 in using Google AdWords

The first step is to create a Google AdWords account. It is quite easy to create a Google AdWords account. You will need to go to the AdWords get started page and fill in the needed information. Its much like opening a google account.

Step2 google AdWords setup

You will be taken to the most important Google AdWords page to setup a google campaign. You will have to pay special detail on this step. The first part of this step is to define your daily budget. You can set your daily budget to $5 per day. If the average cost per click is $0.80 then you are likely going to receive 5 visitors per day. In a single month, you will receive around 150 visitors. The best-recommended budget is at least $10 per day.

Step 3 in Google AdWords setup

This is the step where you get to select your targeted audience. This is the part where you get to select your targeted keywords. You can also choose to focus on search ads alone. Select 15 to 20 keywords related to the goods you would be selling on your e-commerce store.