Everything There is to Know About the FAQ Page

FAQ Page

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is an oft-overlooked part of an online store. Many online merchants think that this page is a mere section that addresses the frequently asked queries about their business.  However, when presented well, the FAQ section can be a very vital part of a website.

The FAQ page can alleviate purchasing anxiety of customers. It can also relieve some of the burden on your site’s customer support as it publicly addresses common questions that prospective customers have on your products or services.

It also improves search engine optimization (SEO) and site navigation.  Answering questions posted by prospective customers can also demonstrate a merchant’s product expertise. Moreover, customers will be delighted when their questions are adequately answered by the merchant.

When is an FAQ page needed?

An FAQ page can be an asset or a distraction, depending on how it is executed. To ensure that it’s the former, here are some things for online entrepreneurs to remember when incorporating an FAQ section in their websites:

  • If customers email them with the same questions over and over again, it would be wise for online merchants to address those concerns publicly and prominently in the section.
  • Online merchants plan to create landing pages that can continue their customers’ journeys from question to conversion.
  • The product/service or business of the website raises several concerns and questions from customers which should be publicly addressed

How should the questions be answered?

Many online entrepreneurs are also at a lost on how questions posed by their customers should be addressed in the section.
A general rule of thumb is to always present the answer in a positive way especially if the question highlights a potential shortcoming in the product or service.

Online merchants should also not shy away from using images especially if they feel that they can explain their answers doing so.
Finally, online entrepreneurs should not miss the opportunity to end their answers with a call to action to encourage their visitors to buy whatever product or service the website is offering.