Wix Helps Small Firms Sell Online


Israeli website-building platform Wix has helped thousands of small entrepreneurs to sell online even those who have no prior experience in e-commerce. One example is vintage clothing shop owner Tiffany McCrary of Brooklyn, New York. McCrary admits not having any experience in building and launching an online store but found a willing ally in Wix.

Sharing her experience with Wix, McCrary says the website building platform made it easy for her to give her customers a seamless online experience.  This was critical given that she used to sell vintage clothing and other pieces for a cheap rate of $10. While putting up an online store meant having to jack up prices, she said creating an online ensemble with Wix’s help made it all easier for her to justify the price hikes.

Wix Advantages

She said that Wix is very user-friendly and helped her build a website despite not being tech-savvy.  She acknowledged that the platform helped her save a lot of time.  For example, it allows her to upload photos taken from her phone without going through numerous steps. She can also add images to her website and share those on her social media accounts.

Another advantage of the platform is that it can make attractive websites that is so critical in businesses in the fashion industry, where images are more usually important than text descriptions.  McCrary noted that with the platform, photographs of her products were put together in grids and slideshows.

The Impact of Wiz

As a result, the sales of McCrary’s online and even in-store outlets have doubled over the past year. While her in-store sales continue to be robust, her online store  has expanded her reach. She noted that before her online store, there was no call to action at all. Now she is getting sales from various parts of the world and more and more people are now going to her brick-and-mortar store.