Best SEO Tips for WordPress Website Users to Get Good Ranking

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7 Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings

WordPress is an amazing solution where a user can create a website on his own.  But without a proper knowledge of promoting it, what is the benefit of creating a good website? It’s just like building a beautiful palace on the isolated island because no one can see it. If nobody sees the creation whether it’s a website or a palace, all efforts of its owner will go in vain. That’s why website optimization is so important. If you are new to WordPress and looking for some worthy SEO tips to boost up your website’s ranking, then this article will surely help you a lot.

SEO Tips for Boosting the Ranking of Your WordPress Websites

You do not need a special training or spend years to learn the SEO tips for enhancing your website’s ranking in Google search engine result pages (SERPs). It is because there is no any hardcore coding or complicated jargons involved in it. Hard work with little patience will be enough. For knowledge and practice portion, here are some helpful SEO tips you can implement on your WordPress website:

1. Create Unique and Crisp Content:

Make your content user-friendly as well as Google-friendly. For every website content is considered as the king because it makes the viewers spend time on your website. It must be unique, clearly descriptive, easy to read with relevant information, and filled with appropriate keywords so that Google can easily optimize it.

2. Use Linking Strategy with Backlinks:

Build partnerships with other websites who have high page ranking from the same industry. Getting backlinks from them will certainly help you to grow impact in front of Google’s eyes. If many qualitative websites show your WordPress website’s links on their site, then Google can boost up your website rank considering it as a good source of providing information to it users.

3. Permalinks:

Google takes into account the first words in a permalink so try to add keywords that can help your viewers to know that what your posted content all about is.

4. Use SEO Plugins:

WordPress also offers many SEO Plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO Plugin and much more. These plugins encourage you to add SEO title, Meta Description, keywords, and alt tags for SEO purpose.

5. Generate XML Sitemap:

Create an XML sitemap with WordPress or plugins like Google XML Sitemaps. It helps Google to understand the website structure simply while indexing and crawling it.

6. Focus on White Hat SEO Techniques:

Prefer white hat SEO strategies that will make you go so long. Though it is a time-consuming way and need a little patience, still these are really effective whereas there is always a risk in opting shady black hat techniques for SEO.

7. Keep Distance from Flash:

Try to avoid Flash as much as you can. Google do not crawls website intended through flash. So, you may lose the chance to boost up your website’s ranking by using it.


There are numerous SEO tips that can boost up the ranking of your WordPress website in the SERPs. But the above-mentioned are the most effective ones. So implement these SEO tips on your website and work hard.