The Rise of the YouTube Influencers

YouTube influencers

For many years, TV was considered the top medium where people got their fix of news and entertainment. It was also the primary advertising vehicle, with companies spending millions of dollars in TV ad placements. But with the rise of social media, TV’s popularity is dwindling. TV stars are out and YouTube influencers are in.

The statistics are very telling, to say the least. YouTube averages 6 billion hours of viewership in a month. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded on the popular website. And perhaps more shocking, more and more U.S. teens are becoming familiar with YouTube influencers and less familiar with TV stars.

Brands recognizing power of YouTube influencers

Companies around the globe are also aware of the power of the so-called YouTube influencers, or ordinary people who have built a significant following on the website.  Major video game publisher Activision once tried to experiment with YouTube influencers and gained excellent results.  Videos about the game “Call of Duty” by YouTube influencers have been viewed close to 10 billion times, or 20 times more than the views of the same videos in other media platforms.

YouTube influencers: Great at harnessing relationships

Traditional celebrities such as movie and TV stars act according to the way their PR strategists want them to. It is one reason why traditional stars are not relatable to the common people.

On the other hand, YouTube personalities appear more genuine to a wider audience. They can build more intimate experiences. They can also be approachable and funny. And these new stars are not afraid to speak up their minds on controversial matters like racism and domestic violence.

YouTube influencers can drive more engagement

YouTube stars are not only more relatable compared to traditional celebrities; they also get higher engagement. According to Google, the videos of the top 25 YouTube influencers get three times more views compared to those of mainstream celebrities. The videos also get twice more action and 12 times more comments.