How to Enable Get Shortlink Button in WordPress Editor

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Enable Get Shortlink Button in WordPress Editor

Every time WordPress come up with new updates and upgrades, it becomes better than before. The new updated version of WordPress i.e., WordPress 4.4 came up with a few changes in the editor section as well. The changes include the disappearance of Get Shortlink button and the View Post button. These changes were made in order to make the interface more user-friendly and neat.
The View Post button was not of much importance as the posts can be easily seen by a single click on the permalinks. But the Get Shortlink button was often used by the users and some might even want it back on their accounts. Therefore, following is how you can add back the Get Shortlink button:

1. The Get Shortlink Plugins

You can add almost anything to your WordPress account using plugins. Further mentioned are a few plugins which you can use to bring back the Get Shortlink button:

This is a simple plugin which can be added to revive the Get Shortlink button. The plugin has a sole function of immediately bringing back the Get Shortlink button on your screen.

This plugin provides additional functions along with the addition of Get Shortlink button. The short URL alters your shortlink permalinks and also allows you to configure your shortlinks.

This plugin is useful if you are into the advanced configuration of the shortlinks. It adds back the Get Shortlink button and is helpful if you possess a devoted customized domain for your shortlinks.

2. Reviving Get Shortlink Button through Custom Code:

The Get Shortlink button on WordPress has just got hidden with the 4.4 update. You can also add it back by entering the add_filter( ‘get_shortlink’, function( $shortlink ) {return $shortlink;} ); code to your functions.php file. It is recommended to backup the file before adding this code and the use of the child theme is necessary to do any editing.
Thus, don’t be worried if your Get Shortlink button has disappeared because now you know how to add it back with a few simple steps.