How to Upload and Embed PDF files in WordPress

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Simple Guide to Embed and Upload PDF Files in WordPress

If you don’t know how to upload or embed PDF files in your pages or even posts on WordPress, here’s a simple guide to ease your worries. The user interface provided by WordPress is very friendly and understandable. Embedding images and videos is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Whereas, when we talk about embedding PDF files, it does require some efforts and understanding to do so.
Thus, here’s a series of steps which you can follow for hassle-free embedding and uploading of PDF Files in your post or page on WordPress:

Steps to upload and embed PDF Files in WordPress:

These simple steps would help you to easily add your PDF file in your WordPress post or page:

  • You can either edit your old post or pages or can start with a new one by clicking on Add New Post or Page option available on the editor screen of WordPress.
  • Click on the Add Media option in the WordPress editor window.
  • The WordPress upload window would appear. You either can drag and drop your required PDF files in this box or individually choose files by going to the Select Files option. Once selected, WordPress would initiate the upload of your files and provide you with a preview when finished.
  • Then just click on the option saying “Insert into post” and your PDF files will be uploaded into your post or the page you’re working on.
  • You can then preview the post or the page to see the final outcome. The visitors who want to download or view your PDF file will be able to have access by clicking on the link itself.

Embed PDF Files and Add Quality to Your Posts and Pages

Although uploading a PDF file in a WordPress post or page isn’t as easy as uploading and embedding pictures and videos, but a few simple steps are all that it takes to do so. Thus, add more quality to your pages and posts by embedding relative PDF files in them.