How to Create a Marketing Message

marketing message

Many business owners, especially the novice ones, are clueless on their company’s marketing message. Some mistake it for their slogan. Others use their company’s history, list of awards, and other distinctions.

But what exactly is a marketing message? In a nutshell, it tells a firm’s target market how it can solve their problems. It should capture the target market’s attention and tell why the firm should be trusted.
So how do you create a marketing message? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

Identify the target market first to create marketing message

The first step in crafting a marketing message is to identify the target market first. It would be a lot easier to develop a message if you know who you are talking to.
Every business has its target market, even the smallest ones. A local dry cleaner, for one, has a target market which may be the families and professionals living in the community.

Identify problems of the target market

Once the target market has been identified, you should then determine the problems that they may be having.

Present a solution to those problems

The next step involves presenting the solution to your target market’s problems. Present your product or service as the cure for the problem that your target market is dealing with.

Crucial here is to convince your target market that your product or service works in solving their problems. It’s not just simply telling them that it works; you should present proof that it really does.

Explain why your solution stands out from the competition

Finally, your target market should understand why they must pick your product or service instead of your competition. Explain what your product or service
has that makes your firm different from the rest.

Follow these simple tips and you should be able to formulate a winning marketing message for your brand.