Why is Your Facebook Ad Not Yielding Positive Results?

Facebook ad

You’ve been wondering why your Facebook marketing campaign has been a dud so far. In your mind, you’ve done everything to ensure the success of your campaign. You’ve written an attractive copy, researched your market well, and set up a great campaign structure. But the Facebook ad has not yielded desired results.

You ask: why?

Here are some possible reasons behind a lackluster Facebook marketing campaign:

Facebook Ad Is of Low Quality

This is not surprising. If your Facebook ad is subpar in quality and not relevant to your target audience, then it will fail to get impressions.
So how do you correct this? Start by rewriting the ad copy. Or you can add new ad creatives. You may even change the ad format.

Facebook Ad Has Too Much Text

There used to be a rule in Facebook wherein an image or ad should not be covered by more than 20 percent of text. The rule is no longer strictly enforced but it has given many advertisers a guide of sorts. Simply put, the more text that the Facebook ad has, the more likely it will be throttled by Facebook.

Facebook Ad has an unattractive offer

An ad which is getting enough impressions but not enough clicks may have an offer that’s not enticing to the target audience.
It’s hard to change the offer especially if you don’t have enough budget to do so. One way to address this is to create a new ad copy. Try using new images or experiment with a new ad format.  Then see how a new version would perform.

Facebook Ad takes a lot of time to load

Remember that ad traffic on Facebook is mainly on mobile. So if the ad or your website doesn’t  load quickly, then it is likely that you are losing visitors. You can check the site speed through Google tools to determine how your site matches up alongside other websites.